If you are a consumer who prefers an eco-friendly solution, then you’re going to love our Thermal Piles.  You’re also going to appreciate that you can choose an eco-friendly solution without breaking the bank; in fact Thermal Piles are most often less costly than competing piling solutions.

  • Removable:  we are able to fully remove the Thermal Piles we install making them a great option for temporary structures
  • Reusable: you can reuse the piles
  • Recyclable:  if there is no more use for a removed pile, it can be recycled
  • Safe:  with a hot-dip galvanized design our steel screw piles never release harmful toxins into water or soil
  • Low Emissions:  our process only requires one fuel-efficient machine to complete work

Great Project Example:  One customer recently contacted us to install 4 Thermal Piles for a pergola on his deck.  The customer had long term plans to build a screened in room.  With Postech Thermal Piles this customer could remove the 2 piles closest to his home supporting the pergola and move them to the end of the deck to support a beam which will support the screened room.  The result for this customer would be 6 piles for the price of 4; of course a small fee would be charged to remove and reinstall the piles but the savings would be significant and his yard wouldn’t be torn apart.

Did you know that once a Postech Thermal Piles is removed there is very little evidence that a pile used to be installed in that location?  The ground looks much like a divot left by a not so seasoned golfer!

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