A Foundation For Perfect Summer Nights


Installs faster than most traditional foundations


No complicated site prep

No Mess

Special equipment leaves no damage to landscaping

Screw Pile Foundations for Sunrooms & Porches

A cozy sunroom or laid-back front porch is the best way to unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, traditional foundations can be prone to frost-heave when used under sunrooms and porches. A VersaPile installed Helical Screw Pile foundation is the faster, easier, more reliable foundation solution. Specially designed to stand up to Manitoba’s toughest conditions, helical piles last for generations while resisting frost-heave better than other foundations. So you don’t have to worry about your foundation, you just have to relax on it.

You might need to support a sunroom kit that is relatively light weight, or you might have a timber framed sunroom with a stone fireplace and swim spa – either way, VersaPile has solutions.

Nothing says home like a covered country porch with a porch swing – we support those.  Maybe your porch is more like a deck off the front and we can support that as well.  Two-story porch, we can’t help you… just kidding, we can absolutely support that as well.

Getting a helical screw pile foundation installed by the friendly certified folks at VersaPile is easy. First, contact our team of helical pile nerds and tell us about your project. Our experts know construction and helical piles and will help you find the perfect foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install. Our professional crews will show up on-time and install your piles in accordance with helical pile engineering principles. In most cases, your foundation is ready to go in a few hours or less.

“Stan, I was really happy with your pile installation service. My 3 season sunroom add-on project was seriously delayed, by various logistical issues, from the time you quoted for the piles until the work was done, but you stuck by the quote. Once I gave the ‘go’ you organized the install promptly. The crew was there on time. They efficiently, quickly and accurately installed the piles to the plan spec. The access was pretty tight, but I was impressed with the skill of your employees. I’m happy that I opted for your 10? Adjustable top plate piles over the much less robust looking, and much shorter other brand(s).”

Jim Wood, Charleswood

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