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Stabilizing Structures with Postech Screw Piles

Are you in need of foundation repair?  In and around Winnipeg, Manitoba you are not alone.  The issue is that many foundation repair solutions band-aid repairs that will only provide temporary relief.  We’ve provided a lot of information below to help you better understand how underpinning with helical piles might compare to other options.

Underpinning your foundation is a more permanent solution that should provide your home with the support it needs for decades to come.  Underpinning your home means adding a deep pile foundation around the home and, when possible, under telepost locations within the home.  The issue with underpinning is that it can be very difficult to do and therefore can be quite expensive.

A popular choice for underpinning homes are concrete friction piles, also known as cast-in-place piles.  This is where a hole is augered, generally 16 inches in diameter down 20 to 25 feet, then filled with concrete with one stick of rebar for reinforcing (residential specification for rebar).  The pile then relies skin friction along the column of the pile to support the structure.  The issue is that these are rarely utilized in conjunction with a geotechnical investigation and report and the engineering is based on an assumption that the soil capacity is reasonable.  This is a big issue is that if the assumption that the soil was decent was true, there wouldn’t be a foundation failure.

When you choose VersaPile instead, we will always complete a geotechnical investigation with soils analysis and pre-construction pile design to ensure the design criteria is met.  Once on-site we take a step further and verify the soil capacity by monitoring the installation torque.  This means if we hit a vane of low capacity soil, we will know it.  Our helical piles can be easily extended to pass through less than desirable soil stratas and into competent soils. 

If you have a structure that’s shifting, tilting, or sinking, VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors can help. Helical Screw Piles can safely and easily stabilize your structures, saving you from complete foundation failure. Because Postech piles can be installed almost anywhere with minimal equipment, they make shoring-up your structure a breeze. Don’t wait until your foundation gives out, let VersaPile put you back on solid ground.

Stabilizing your structure with assistance from VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors is easy. First, contact us at VersaPile and tell us about the structure that needs help. Our experts will help you find the perfect stabilizing solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time, mark out the locations, and stabilize your structure. All you need to do is enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a strong foundation.

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