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Screw Pile Foundations for Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to generate eco-friendly energy and save money. But, they’re also a big investment. The foundations commonly used under solar panels are prone to frost-heave and shifting, which can quickly ruin your installation. Secure your investment with a Helical Screw Pile foundation installed by local experts at VersaPile. 

Solar projects in Manitoba are lacking in proper guidelines and due to their lightweight nature some folks take these projects lightly.  The truth is that supporting a solar array is a bit more complicated that you might appreciate at first glance.  Wind is a tremendous force that is transferred to solar panels, racking systems and ultimately to the piles.  Be sure that you are working with an engineered solution that takes into account winds in the area and the resulting lateral loads, bending moments and tensile forces.  VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors has installed thousands of helical piles for solar projects and we understand what it takes to do it right.

Another common oversight for solar projects is that the racking system on piles can act like a heatsink much similar to the amplifier fins on your computer’s CPU.  The racking is the amplifier fin, the wind is the fan and the earth is the CPU producing heat.  Over a long winter this could result in frost lines driving deeper than they would otherwise due to the cooling of the earth.  You should always look to install helical piles a bit deeper when it’s for a solar project and you might also consider other measures such as an non-conducting insulator that could create a thermal break between the pile and rack or a protection around the piles to cut down on impacts of wind.

Getting a high performance helical screw pile foundation is easy. First, contact us at VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors and tell us about your solar project. We handle installations of all sizes, from 1 solar panel to 100! Our experts will help you find the perfect foundation solution and schedule the install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time and get the piles bang on so your solar racking lines up as it should. 

“I’m very happy with the work of your guys. Very friendly and professional. They handled the hunk of concrete they ran into with good humor and worked around it. I’d recommend your company’s work anytime. Why save a few bucks doing it yourself when you can have professionals put it in laser level in a quarter of the time? I was building 15 minutes after they left. Many thanks.”

Michael F., Winnipeg, MB

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