Strong Foundations, Strong Walls

Strong Foundations, Strong Walls


Installs faster than most traditional foundations


No complicated site prep

No Mess

Special equipment leaves no damage to landscaping

Screw Pile Foundations for Retaining Walls & Concrete Slabs

When you’re building a retaining wall or concrete slab, the foundation can make or break it. Using traditional foundations under these structures could lead to frost-heave in the future. That’s why homeowners and contractors love VersaPile’s engineered helical pile foundations. VersaPile installs helical piles that always anchor below our up to 8 foot frost line – that’s why our standard offering is a 10 foot helical pile. 

Did you know that helical piles work great in compression to support the weight of a retaining wall but also in tension to hold it back from lateral failure.  

If you have a structure near the river and are experiencing soil erosion, protect your home with a engineered retaining wall supported and tied-back using helical piles.  VersaPile Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors has experience working with engineers to achieve permits for complex river bank stabilizations in the City of Winnipeg and in rural Manitoba.

Structural concrete pads are another popular application for helical piles.  Heated slabs require a stable foundation so glycol lines don’t fracture and leak.  Helical piles provide superior resistance to seasonal movement and will protect your structural slab.  VersaPile’s light and nimble equipment can install helical piles inside of an existing shop or garage.

Getting a helical screw pile foundation installed by Winnipeg’s local experts is easy. First, contact us at VersaPile, Inc. and tell us about your project. Our experts will help you find the perfect foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time and install your helical piles in accordance with universally accepted engineering principles using specialized equipment. In most cases, your foundation is ready to go in a few hours or less.

“10 out of 10. Excellent job on a tough install due to big blocks of concrete down there but you got the job done. You stuck to it with a never give up attitude. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Chris Johnson, Oakbank, MB

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