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Helical Piles Foundations for New Homes

It’s a common myth that screw piles can only be used under light structures, like decks or cottages. Truth is, helical screw piles are present on light capacity project sites and on massive, high liability industrial project sites.  You might also see VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors installing helical piles in a fresh excavation to support entire homes.

One very popular application for helical piles supporting new custom homes is when building near the Red River, when high water tables are present or when sloppy sloughing silt is present.  When these conditions exist, engineers prefer more reliable piles like precast concrete driven piles, timber driven piles or helical piles. 

Helical piles for homes in and around Winnipeg are generally installed to arctic till and provide the huge advantage and reliability of an end bearing pile versus the less predictable performance of a concrete friction pile.  That puts helical piles in the category of premium pile option under new homes.

The truth is that Winnipeg is not going to convert in droves to helical piles when supporting a new home build.  Our mid- to low-capacity clay generally extends 30 to 80 feet deep and concrete cast-in-place friction piles are reasonably reliable satisfying budgets.  However, if you live in Charleswood, St. James or southern Headingley areas you might find yourself building on a vane of shallow till only 10 or 15 feet deep – this is a situation where helical piles will shine bright.  Helical piles don’t rely on skin friction to support homes and the resistance at the helical is significant compared to skin friction on the steel shaft, allowing a helical pile to fully resist frost heave without having to be 25 feet deep or resorting to 30+ inch diameter shortened friction piles.

When building your dream home on a site with less than desirable soils, choosing a concrete friction pile is a big gamble and often, if a geotechnical engineer is involved, they will want to rely on more reliable end bearing / driven pile alternatives.  When precast concrete piles or timber piles are recommended the budget increases dramatically and, in some cases, increases exponentially if refusal is deeper than anticipated.  When precast driven piles or timber driven piles are brought up, this is your trigger for bringing helical piles in as a third option that just might save the budget.  The geotech might anticipate 40 feet to refusal but all of a sudden half the piles require 50 feet.  If using a preconstructed timber pile or precast pile, the piles are driven into the ground without achieving capacity and abandoned.  Then you must install 2 piles often to make up for the one abandoned pile and you have to bring out extra long piles which extends the timeline and cost exponentially.  If helical piles were chosen, then you get down 40 feet, add a modular extension and drive the pile to refusal incurring very minor if any delay and proportional budget increase versus exponential cost overruns.

VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors is equipped to install engineer approved loads of 130,000lbs per pile or more.  Therefore, there are no homes (being built in Winnipeg or Manitoba) that are outside of VersaPile’s scope of ability.  This is why we are trusted by some of Winnipeg’s most reputable custom home builders when building family homes and multi-million dollar estates.

VersaPile, Inc. has an extensive database of helical pile installations in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba – we can even search through installation reports using map view.  This helps us to estimate projects with a very high level of accuracy.  We will allows be happy to review your project and provide a fast, free and no-obligation estimate.  What you might always expect is our most realistic estimate of what it will take to support your projects.  We will never undersize the piles in an estimate in a hope to win a bid.

Getting VersaPile’s team to help design and estimate a helical pile foundation for your new home build is easy. First, contact us and tell us about your project. Our foundation experts will work with you to find the right foundation solution based on our extensive local experience. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time and install the piles in accordance with universally accepted engineering principles to ensure a solid foundation that will last for generations.

“BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! Best customer service I have ever received! …if there ever was a problem Stan would come fix it the very next day or the same day! Would 100% recommend this company to anyone whose looking to do piling for houses – he did over 40 piles for me and they were perfect!”

Balkar Singh, Rosser, MB

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