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Screw Pile Foundations For Decks and Patios

When it comes decks or patios, VersaPile Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors is the go-to sub-contractor for Winnipeg Contractors.  The great news is we are just as popular amongst and available to Do-It-Yourself home owners who want to build professional quality decks.

There are numerous advantages to choosing a helical pile for a deck or patio – so many so, that you could make a claim as bold as “helical piles are a no-brainer when it comes to supporting decks in Winnipeg.”  The design of a helical screw pile give it a huge advantage over other pile solutions in resisting frost heave that could damage your deck or even your home. However, it’s important that the helical blade be entirely anchored below the up to 8 foot frost line in and around Winnipeg.  This means you need a helical pile that is longer than 8 feet and that’s why, when you call VersaPile for an estimate, you get back a professional estimate in record time with 10 foot helical piles. 

Helical screw piles can be installed faster, easier, and leave no mess behind. So you can spend less time building your deck, and more time relaxing on it.

Getting a screw pile foundation installed for your deck or patio is easy. First, Winnipeg’s friendly helical pile nerds at VersaPile and tell us about your project. Our foundation experts will help you find the perfect foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time to install your helical piles right on the mark and to the desired height. In most cases, your foundation is ready to go in a few hours or less.

“In July of this year we had a sunroom and deck put in by Pioneer Window and Door and they used Postech Screw Piles. What an amazing product!!! And as we walk in our sunroom and on our deck we know it will last for many years as it is really solid. Also the men that came that rainy, muddy day were so professional, knew their job quite well and answered any questions we asked them. All in all we are very satisfied. Thank you POSTECH!!!”

Patricia Robson, Winnipeg, MB

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