Foundations Made Easy (Even Underwater)


Installs faster than most traditional foundations


No complicated site prep

No Mess

Special equipment leaves no damage to landscaping

Screw Pile Foundations for Docks & Boathouses

Docks and boathouses can be tricky projects for contractors. Poor soil conditions and remote locations make traditional foundations an expensive and difficult option. That’s why contractors are choosing Postech Screw Piles for their dock and boathouse projects. The unique design and galvanized coating on Postech piles ensures a rock-solid foundation that won’t shift or deteriorate. And, Postech piles are installed with compact equipment that can be transported to remote locations.

Getting a subcontracted Postech foundation for your dock or boathouse project is easy. First, contact us at Postech Screw Piles and tell us about your project. Our experts will quote you on the perfect foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time, mark out the locations, and install the screw piles. In most cases, your foundation is ready to go in just a few hours or less.

“Prompt courteous service. Extreme attention to detail on pile bearing capacity and pile location. Accurate placement of piles speeds up the project from start to finish. Bearing capacity of the piles will ensure the structure lasts for a long time. On the last project we were close to the river and encountered differing support from one pile to the next. Stan was prepared and had extensions on the truck. We attached several extensions and they kept driving the pile down till we got the support we needed. Great job!”

Phillip Ramer, Pioneer Window and Door

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