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Helical Piles: Faster, Easier, No-Mess Foundations for nearly ANY Structure

Decks and Patios


Home Additions

Decks and Patios

There’s two problems with traditional deck and patio foundations. One, they can be time-consuming and messy to install (like concrete). Two, they can be prone to deterioration, frost-heave, and failure (like pads or wooden piles).

VersaPile’s carefully selected helical piles are the easier, faster, more reliable foundation solution. Our install equipment fits through a 32” opening, which means the impact to your customer’s yard is zero. With no concrete to pour, the foundation can be installed and ready to use in less than a morning. That means you do less waiting, and more building.

As true helical pile nerds we understand what it takes to ensure a deck foundation that doesn’t move.  That’s why we offer a 10 foot true helical pile and that we torque install every installation and hold on file a piling report for every project.  Is that overkill?  We don’t think so.  Why hire a pile to support your deck?  So it won’t ever move.  That’s why we confidently guarantee your VersaPile installed helical piles will support your deck without movement.

Over the years we’ve learned that Winnipegers, who are notoriously cheap, aren’t actually cheap.  Winnipegers appreciate value and that’s why VersaPile’s helical piles are the most permitted helical piles in Winnipeg.

Our longer helical piles allow us to level the piles perfectly and make it easier and faster to build a deck.  That’s why local Winnipeg and rural Manitoba deck builders trust VersaPile on their job sites.

Contact us today and ask about our foundations for decks and patios.


Manitoba and NW Ontario has some of the most beautiful cottage country in Canada – but it comes at a price. Poor soil conditions make it an extreme challenge to excavate and pour a reliable concrete piled foundation. And, concrete equipment is expensive and difficult to transport to remote locations. You end up wasting time that could have been spent finishing projects and getting paid. VersaPile’s Helical Screw Piles are an easy, fast, and durable cottage foundation. They can be installed in locations and soil conditions that concrete can’t and require only minimal equipment. A VersaPile helical pile  foundation can be used immediately after install, saving you time and money. Plus, each helical pile VersaPile installs is engineered to satisfy loading requirements.

It is important to note however that helical piles do have limitations and in some parts of cottage country, namely the Kenora area, we might encounter a project site that is not conducive to helical piles.  Helical piles require a minimum of 4′ – 6″ of embedment to properly support loads; therefore if you have bedrock or another refusal strata less than 4′ – 6″ below grade, you might want to consider other options.  We offer the Versa-Post as a heavy duty adjustable shallow foundation for such sites.

Don’t waste money having concrete piles poured – contact us today and ask about our foundations for cottages.

Home Additions

Home additions are a popular way to add living space – but waiting for concrete piles to be poured eats up valuable time and the pre-historic process turns your customer’s yard into a real mess. You have to wait for the excavation, tubes need to be installed, rebar has to be set, and then there’s the mess and curing time. Plus, the equipment to install concrete piles is loud, heavy, and can damage your customer’s yard.

There’s a better solution for home addition foundations. A VersaPile helical screw pile can support a small or massive addition, while being easier and faster to install than concrete.

VersaPile, Inc. has unrivaled experience when it comes to providing the information and engineering required to acquire the permits for building nearly any structure in Winnipeg or throughout Manitoba. 

Plus, a helical pile foundation installs without any mess at all. The only thing we leave behind is a laser-leveled helical pile foundation. Your customer will love having a home addition that won’t shift or heave, and you’ll love a foundation that goes in the ground faster and saves you money.

Contact us today and ask about our foundations for home additions.

Sunrooms and Patios


New Homes

Sunrooms and Patios

Why does Manitoba (and especially Winnipeg) have so many sunrooms and porches that are uneven? They were built on the wrong foundations. Concrete pads are quickly destroyed by shifting ground, and concrete piles can suffer frost-heave because they don’t have enough weight pushing them down. An easier, more durable foundation for sunrooms and porches are VersaPile’s selection of CCMC approved Helical Screw Piles. Engineer-approved and loved by contractors across Manitoba, we’ve installed helical screw piles for countless sunrooms and porches. Our equipment fits in a 32” opening and leaves no mess behind. And, our install crews are professional, friendly, and always ready to answer your questions. Why settle for messy concrete piles or unprofessional contractors? Contact us today and ask about our foundations for sunrooms and porches.


Sometimes, an existing foundation needs some extra support. Trying to pour concrete piles under a structure is usually impossible, so what’s a good way to stabilize?

Helical piles are an excellent choice for stabilizing foundations. Because they install with minimal equipment and create no disturbance to the site, a screw pile can be placed almost anywhere.

VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors works with various foundation contractors to get helical piles installed to underpin, lift, level and stabilize foundations.  We are not comprehensive foundation repair contractors but can recommend some great local contractors who can brace walls, waterproof foundations, dig out foundations, etc.

From houses to outbuildings, we stabilize your customers foundations faster and easier than other methods. Contact us today and ask about our stabilization services.

New Homes

There’s a myth that helical screw piles can only be used under lightly-loaded structures. Truth is, helical screw piles have been successfully load tested to more than 1,000,000 lbs!

Helical screw piles provide an exceptional frost-resistant foundation under new home builds. Time is always running short on a new home build. You don’t want to wait to start building any longer than you have to. Helical Screw Piles not only install faster and easier than other foundations, but they provide support that’s every bit as strong than concrete piles. And, unlike concrete piles, each VersaPile installed helical screw pile is given a guaranteed capacity on install.

Start building sooner with VersaPile’s expertly selected helical piles and get more jobs done. Contact us today and ask about our foundations for new homes.

Docks and Boathouses

Solar Panels

Retaining Walls and Concrete Slabs

Docks and Boathouses

Docks and boathouses can be tricky structures to support but in the 1830’s a new technology was engineered to support marine structures – helical screw piles!

Lake and riverbed soil is often poor quality, and foundations in water are subjected to some of the toughest conditions in Manitoba. VersaPile selects and installs helical piles that are always made of new material and manufactured by reputable CCMC approved companies. Often for marine applications we will recommend a hot-dip galvanized helical pile that means an average life expectancy well beyond the next century.  Our piles are engineered to offer more than enough support for docks or boathouses for decades to come. Plus, a helical screw pile can be installed quickly and easily underwater without the noise and hassle that comes with hammered piles.

Contact us today and ask about our foundations for docks and boathouses.

Solar Panels

If you’re handling a solar panel install, you need to think about the foundation. Solar panels are subject to winds, rain, heavy snow, and frozen soil. This extreme weather can quickly deteriorate a traditional foundation, such as concrete. And, waiting for concrete foundations to be installed eats up valuable time that could be spent getting the job done.

VersaPile has selected and installed helical screw piles to support many solar panel installations across Manitoba. Thriving in the most vicious weather the province can offer, a helical screw pile foundation installs faster and easier than concrete. Driven below the frost line, our helical screw pile foundations will support a solar panel installation for decades.

Contact us today and ask about our foundations for solar panels.

Retaining Walls and Concrete Slabs

Concrete piles are time and labor intensive to install when it comes to retaining walls or concrete slabs. And, because retaining walls and concrete slabs are relatively light, concrete piles might not be the best solution for a long-lasting foundation. VersaPile selected and installed helical screw piles excel at resisting frost-heave when used under lightly-loaded projects like retaining walls or concrete slabs. Because of their unique design with sleek shaft and helical blade(s), even a Manitoba winter can’t shift a professionally installed helical screw pile. 

A helical screw pile doesn’t require excavation or curing like concrete does. That means you can build on a helical screw pile immediately after install – no waiting! The faster you get building, the more money you can make.

Contact us today and ask about our foundations for retaining walls and concrete slabs.

The life of a contractor is about getting jobs done. Doing more jobs means more money, right?

Here’s the thing – if you’re waiting for a concrete foundation, you’re not doing more jobs. You’re waiting to do jobs. Which means you’re not making more money.

VersaPile’s carefully selected Helical Piles not only go in the ground faster and easier than concrete, they’re engineer-approved and ready to use immediately after install. That means no more waiting for concrete to cure.

VersaPile, Inc. – Helical Pile Contractors makes you priority number one from start-to-finish. Hire us to install helical piles for your project and you’ll get:

  • Expert installers that show up on-time and ready to work
  • Experience installing tens of thousands of helical piles throughout Manitoba and NW Ontario for a wide range of projects
  • A foundation that has a verified capacity on install
  • An engineer-approved foundation that meets all codes
  • A foundation that installs in hours, not days
  • A foundation strong as concrete, without the mess
  • The ability to build sooner, do more jobs, and make more money

Get in touch with us today, and start making more money with a helical pile foundation installed by VersaPile’s Friendly Certified team.

VersaPile Are Manitoba’s Helical Pile Experts

Pile Caps and Adapters

A wide range of pile adapters and caps are available to fit most common foundation configurations. We can also create custom pile adapters to fit your requirements! From wood posts and beams to concrete gradebeams or insulated concrete forms (ICF), a helical pile can support and secure to any structure, making them a versatile foundation.

Pile Shaft

VersaPile, Inc. offers round shaft helical piles.  To date, we have not found a project that would benefit from a square shaft pile.  All pile shafts consist of new steel which conforms to the CSA’s general requirements for rolled or welded structural quality steel.  

Postech Screw Piles, a brand we love to install, features a unique insulated shaft which offers additional resistance to frost heave.  

In Manitoba, we prefer a 10ft shaft to ensure the helical is anchored well below our up to 8ft frost line.

Helical Blade

The helical is what provides the incredible weight-capacity of a helical pile. Because every helical pile we install satisfies design criteria for generally accepted, universal principles for helical pile design and installation, we can install helical piles to perform like no other foundation can. All helical blades should have a perfectly controlled pitch and leading and trailing edges parallel to one another.

“The experience was great. Dale gave us prompt service, He was on site before the competition replied to my email. The guys on site were very polite and accommodating. They even had an extra screw-pile pile with them, after I told them the wrong number of screws. Thanks Dale and crew! “

James Friesen, Harwood Design Builders

“As a General Contractor, our firm deals with many partnering trades on any given day. What a pleasure it is to deal with Stan Higgins and his team. It is refreshing to deal with a firm that “does what they say they are going to do”. On time, on budget and a follow up call to confirm that we are pleased. Welcome to our team!”

Todd Hallson (President), Vantage Builders

“Prompt courteous service. Extreme attention to detail on pile bearing capacity and pile location. Accurate placement of piles speeds up the project from start to finish. Bearing capacity of the piles will ensure the structure lasts for a long time. On the last project we were close to the river and encountered differing support from one pile to the next. Stan was prepared and had extensions on the truck. We attached several extensions and they kept driving the pile down till we got the support we
needed. Great job!”

Phillip Ramer, Pioneer Window and Door

Foundation Sub-Contracting Made Easy

1. Contact Us

When you call, we answer. No endless ringing or answering machine frustrations. Tell us about the project, and we’ll get you an estimate on the project. We even handle the Click Before You Dig, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

2. Fast Install

Schedule an install date, and our professional crew will show up on time. Helical piles can often be installed in just a few hours, and we finish by laser-leveling each pile. Our crews use landscape matting and minimal equipment, leaving no damage to the jobsite.

3. Guaranteed

We offer coverage against deterioration or heaving on deck projects by our 7-Year Performance Guarantee.(conditions apply)

Rest easy, knowing your project is sitting firm on a proven foundation.

Interested in nerding out on helical piles with us?  Watch this video lunch and learn for engineers and building professionals!

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